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[Asamimi-chan] Stuffed toy 30cm

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The popular Asamimi plushie has been powered up ❣️

I also paid a lot of attention to the shape and expression of the buttocks 🐰✌️

Because the padding is made of sticky cotton, it feels soft and fluffy🥰

Feel closer to Asamimi 🥺💓

Size: about 30cm

Material: Short bore

The plush toy purchaser benefits have also been renewed with a new design!

① Random cheki 📸
One random Asamimi original cheki will be included ❣️
Excited to find out which Asamimi is in 💓️🐰✨ There is also a phantom 6th secret yo😏

*One check is included for each plush toy purchased.

②Limited message video from Asamimi🥰
If you scan the QR code enclosed in the stuffed toy, you can watch a video message with Asamimi's voice❣️
A special magic at the end of the video Look forward to it as well ✌️🐰✨

*Because each stuffed animal is handmade by a craftsman, there are slight individual differences. Please enjoy the one and only Asamimi-chan in the world.

*Do not take a bath (washing). When cleaning, gently wipe with a tightly wrung cloth



The popular Asamimi plushie is now available in a more powerful version❣️

We also focused on the chubby form of the hips and their expressions🐰✌️

The cotton inside is made of glutinous cotton, so it feels fluffy and soft to the touch🥰

Feel more and more familiar with Asamimi 🥺💓

Size: approx. 30cm

Material:Short boa

The plushie comes with a special bonus for those who purchase it!

A random checkered 📸.
You'll get one of Asami's original checkers at random❣️.
This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most sought after items in the world.

I'm sure you'll love it.

There's also an exclusive video message from Asami.
If you read the QR code enclosed in the plushie, you can watch the message video with Asami's voice❣️.
I'm sure you'll love it!

Because each stuffed animal is individually handmade by craftsmen there are individual differences. of-a-kind Asamimi.

I can not take a bath (washing).For cleaning, wipe gently with a stiff cloth.