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[Asamimi-chan] Pint glass (480ml) [Shipped in mid-October]

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Asamimi-chan pint glass


A new pint glass recommended for drinking beer is now available! 🐰✌️

Drinking a nice glass of beer in a chilled glass is such a joy~🥰


Size: Diameter 8.9 x height 15cm (capacity 480ml)

Material: Soda glass


What is a pint glass?

A pint is a unit of volume in the imperial system, which is mainly used in the United States.

A pint glass is characterized by a wide spout, a shape that narrows toward the bottom, and no legs to support the glass, and is used as a glass for drinking pints.

Pint glasses are not designed to emphasize foaming, and because the glass is thick, the temperature of the glass is easily transmitted to the beer.

However, depending on the width of the drinking spout, you can enjoy the aroma, taste, and texture of the beer.

This is a versatile glass that maintains the deliciousness of a variety of beers, and is said to go well with IPA, American pale ale, and dark beer (porter stout).