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[Troublesome Zaurus] Smartphone case compatible with almost all models Y!mobile series [Shipped in early March]

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Order reservation period: January 28th 19:00 to February 7th 10:59

Estimated shipping date: Around early March


Troubled Zaurus Smartphone case compatible with almost all models


Smartphone cases compatible with almost all models are now available! 👏

I'm sure there's a size that fits your smartphone✨

This is a custom-made case made just for you, so please be careful not to choose the wrong model🙏

Since it is a clear material, please enjoy it with flakes and stickers🦖


This is the order page for the Y!mobile series!

For Apple series Click here

For Docomo series ①, click here

For Docomo series ②, click here
(GALAXY, HUAWEI, Rakuraku Phone)

For au series Click here

For softbank series, click here

For Y!mobile series Click here

For Rakuten Mobile Click here

For others Click here



*Please be careful not to force it as it may break.


Compatible models

Android One S8
Android One S7
Android One S6
Android One S5
Android One X5
Android One X4
Android One S4
Android One X3
Android One S3
Android One X2

AQUOS wish
AQUOS sense5G/sense4 basic/sense4 lite/sense4

Xperia Ace lll
Xperia 10 III
Xperia 10 II

Arrows J

HUAWEI P30 lite

OPPO Reno 5 A

Libero S10
Easy Smartphone 705KC
Easy Smartphone 2 A001KC