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【Asamimichan】 Smartphone case for multiple models (Strawberry Milk) Rakuten Mobile Series [Make to Order]

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Order pre-order period: June 25, 19:00 - July 3, 18:59

Expected shipping date: Late July - early August

Asamimichan's smartphone case can fits multiple models (Strawberry Milk)

 A phone case compatible with multiple models is now available! What a surprise ✌️✨

We're sure it will fit your phone 🤭💓.

We'll make it for you, so be careful not to get the wrong model 🥺🙏

(We may be able to make a case for a model not listed here, so please inquire to us 😳)

This is the order page for Rakuten Mobile series!

For Apple series, click here

For Docomo series (1), click here

For Docomo series (2), click here
(GALAXY,HUAWEI,Rakuraku phone)

Click here for au series

Click here for softbank series

Click here for Y!mobile series

Click here for other series

Please be careful not to force it into the case, as it may break easily.

Supported Models

<Rakuten BIG> 
MiniRakuten Hand

<AQUOS series>
AQUOS wish
AQUOS sense6
AQUOS zero6
AQUOS sense5G/sense4 lite
AQUOS sense4 plus
AQUOS sense3/sense3 lite/sense3 basic
AQUOS sense3 plus
AQUOS R2 compact SH-M09
AQUOS zero SH-M10
AQUOS sense2 SH-M08
AQUOS sense plus SH-M07
AQUOS R compact SH-M06
AQUOS lite SH-M05
AQUOS mini SH-M03

<Galaxy series>
Note10+Galaxy A7
SM-A750CGalaxy S10

<Arrows series>
arrows SV
M04arrows RX

<HUAWEI series>

HUAWEI nova lite
3HUAWEI nova lite 2


Reno 5 AOPPO
A73OPPO Reno3 A