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[Asamimi-chan] Glitter case (pajama party) [shipped in early October]

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Pre-order period: August 26, 19:00- September 5, 10:59

Scheduled shipping date: Late September-October Early

Asamimi-chan glitter case (pajama party)

Soft and cute pajama party design with pastel colors❣️🌙

It's a glitter case that shines like a snow globe🥺✨ 

Material: Back part: Polycarbonate, Side part: TPU material PS/Glass

[Compatible models]

・iPhone 13
・iPhone 13 Pro
・iPhone 13 Pro Max
・iPhone 13 mini
・iPhone 12/12 Pro
・iPhone 12 Pro Max
・iPhone 12 mini
・iPhone 11
・iPhone 11 Pro
・iPhone 11 Pro Max
・iPhone XR
・iPhone XS Max
・iPhone X/XS
・iPhone 6 /6s/7/8/SE2/SE3
・iPhone Plus (6/6s/7/8)
・Galaxy S10
・Galaxy S10+
・Galaxy S9

[Handling Precautions]

●The liquid inside this product is , which is chemically defined as non-toxic and is used for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. It is a highly safe oil that does not cause burns even if it adheres.

●Do not put liquids in your mouth. If you get it in your mouth, do not try to vomit because it may enter your lungs. ●Bubbles may form inside the case due to changes in temperature. Please note that there is no problem in using it.

●If you find cracks, damage, deformation, or deterioration, stop using it immediately.

●Use and store out of reach of infants.

●Avoid high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight when using and storing this product, as this may cause deformation or deterioration of the product and the device itself. ●Do not use near fire or other places where the temperature is high.

●Do not wipe with thinner, benzine, gasoline or other organic solvents, alcohol, or chlorine bleach, as this may cause discoloration, discoloration, or stains.

●This product is not intended to protect your smartphone from scratches or shocks.

●When wearing this product, depending on the smartphone model, some functions such as the camera function and various sensors may not be available.

●Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents, equipment or data damage caused by using this product.