How to pay later (Paidy next month payment)

I want it now! more easily.

This is a payment method that can be used with just an email address and mobile phone number.

There is no need to register as a member, and you can pay for one month's usage in the following month at a convenience store or by bank transfer or bank transfer. No credit card required.
No matter how many times you shop in a month, you only have to pay once in the following month. The monthly usage amount will be notified by email and SMS at the beginning of the following month.

Payment fee

  • Account transfer (payment fee: free)
  • Convenience store (payment fee: 356 yen tax included)
  • Bank transfer (payment fee: varies depending on the financial institution)


[Steps to use]
1) Select "Paidy next month payment (convenience store/bank)" on the payment screen and confirm the order
2) You will be automatically moved to the Paidy screen. Please enter your mobile phone number and email address
3) Enter the 4-digit SMS number sent from Paidy to your mobile phone


[Specifications of deferred payment (Paidy next month payment)]

Information on usage charges will be sent to you via email and SMS (short message) between the 1st and 3rd of each month.
Please follow the instructions and pay by convenience store, bank transfer, or bank transfer* by the 10th.
Payment methods can also be checked on MyPaidy.

For inquiries about Paidy, such as how to pay for Paidy, how to check the payment status, and how to log in to MyPaidy, please contact the [Paidy Customer Support] window . I will do it.


*If paying by bank transfer, the amount will be automatically deducted on the 12th of the following month.
However, it may be the 20th in January and May.
If the date falls on a financial institution holiday, the payment will be made on the next business day. We will notify you of the withdrawal date along with the amount to be used.

*Please note that Paidy is not a payment method that ships a transfer invoice/transfer form together.