Payment methods at Lawson and Ministop

Payment procedure

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1, Check the "Payment procedure information" email

Check the "Customer Number" and "Confirmation Number" listed in the "Payment to SIMPLES IDEMASCOTS" email sent from KOMOJU (payment agency).
Please pay at a Lawson or Ministop store by the "payment deadline" stated in the same email.

*You cannot pay until you receive the "Payment Procedure Instructions" email, so please wait until you receive the email.
*The "Payment to SIMPLESIDEMASCOTS" email will be sent from "".


*This is a sample.

2, Start the payment process

Please have your "Customer Number" and "Confirmation Number" ready when using Lawson's Loppi terminal.
Please select "People with various numbers" on the left side of the Loppi top screen.


3, Enter "Payment Receipt Number"

Enter "Customer Number" and press the "Next" button.



4, Enter the "Confirmation Number"
Enter the "Confirmation Number" and press the "Next" button.


5, Confirm your order details
A confirmation screen for your order details will be displayed.
Please check the contents and press the "OK" button.


6, "Application ticket" will be issued from the
Loppi terminal that issues the application ticket.
Please bring your application ticket and pay in cash at the cash register within 30 minutes.


7. Pay the price at the cash register.
We will give you a "receipt" in exchange for the payment. Please keep it in a safe place until the product arrives.