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Asamimi Pint glass (480ml) [Made to order]

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Asamimi pint glass

New pint glasses for drinking beer! 🐰✌️

Drinking a pint of beer in a chilled glass is so happy 🥰!

Size: 8.9 cm (diameter) x 15 cm (height) (capacity 480 ml)

Material: soda glass

What is a pint glass?

A pint is a unit of volume in the yard-pound system used mainly in the United States.

A pint glass is characterized by a wide mouth, a shape that narrows toward the bottom, and no feet to support the glass, and is used for drinking a pint of drink.

Pint glasses are not constructed with an emphasis on foaming, and the thick glass allows the temperature of the glass to transfer easily to the beer.

However, the wide drinking opening allows the beer's aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel to be felt more fully.

It is a versatile glass that does not ruin the taste of various beers, and is well known for its suitability for IPAs, American pale ales, and black beers (porters and stouts).