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Asamimichan birthday set

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Asamimi's birthday set is here...!

In honor of Asami's birthday on March 3rd

This set is limited to 33 pieces of special and exclusive goods!

This time around, many of the characters have been made into goods for the first time!

Goods contents

6 kinds of can badges

(Asamimi-chan, Chibimimi-chan, Anemimi-chan, Carrot-chan, Danny-kun, Birthday)

Birthday acrylic stand

Purikura-style sticker

Product details

z6 kinds of can badges

Size: 32mm

Thickness: approx. 5mm

Safety pin

Weight: 3 grams

zAcrylic stand

Size: 50mm x 50mm

Thickness: 3mm

z Sticker

Size: approx. 50 mm x 80 mm