Period until delivery

Time from order to delivery

Shipped within 5 days from the date of order.

Please note that you cannot select the shipping company.

Order date = date of payment confirmation. It is not the date of order.

Please be especially careful if you have chosen convenience store payment. In addition to the product price and shipping charges, customers are responsible for payment fees for these types of payments. The convenience store payment is valid for 5 days. If the payment is not made by the expiration date, the order will be automatically cancelled. Please note that your order may be out of stock when you place a new order. Please understand this in advance.

Both are based on business days. We do not ship on Sundays.
*Please note that the scheduled release date and arrival date may vary.

After shipping, delivery is usually completed within 2 days. After shipment, an e-mail with a tracking number will be sent to the customer. Please check the delivery status from there. (This does not apply to easy delivery.)

If the package cannot be delivered due to the customer's absence, the delivery company will notify the customer by an absence slip or other means.

Please note that the delivery time is a rough estimate.